Candid Light Films lives for chasing down sunsets and telling great love stories. When your wedding day is over, I want you to feel like you lived every moment of it. I  also want you to feel content and happy knowing your wedding film will be a beautiful reminder of all the moments- big + small- forever. I  want you to remember how it felt to wear your dress, cheers with the boys, walk down that aisle, say 'I  do,' dance with your dad, party with your friends and fall even more in love, surrounded by the people who matter most.  

candid WEDDING FILMS FOR COUPLES WHO ARE fun loving and sentimental

Chasing down sunsets + telling great love stories




I studied videography and have a Bachelor's Degree in broadcast journalism. I spent 5 years in TV news before starting my own videography business. 
(Insert Ron Burgandy quote here.)
"How Now Brown Cow."

professional storyteller

My videography philosopy

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Like the kind you get when you're listening to a new song and that lyric grabs your heart, like it was written just for you.

Big Believer in
Goosebump Moments

My videography philosopy

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I truly believe everyone has a story to tell. You're a light in this world and I create wedding films that let your love and your light shine for this lifetime and the next.

My grandma is my inspiration

My videography philosopy

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I'm not just another wedding vendor. We will be friends by the end of your wedding day! I truly care about what matters to you on your wedding day and I can't wait to hear why you want a wedding film.
Because you deserve to remember it all! 

Here for it all


My videography philosopy

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