Thank you for stopping by my ABOUT page. 
I'm Hollie- the founder and videographer behind Candid Light Films. I have been shooting video for more than a decade! I started out as a television news reporter then started my own videography business in 2017. 

What sets me apart from other wedding videographers is--
When you hire me, you are getting more than just another vendor. I am extremely enthusiastic about people and storytelling. I truly believe you are light in this world and you have a story to tell. Your love and light deserves to be captured + shared for this lifetime and the next.

Your love story matters. 

I  also thrive in fast paced situations and on deadlines. Plus I know how to make you feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera. 

Communication is important. 

By the time your wedding day rolls around, we will be old friends. I truly can't wait to hear about how you met, the first kiss, your proposal story, wedding details and why you love living life together. It all matters to me. 

founder+ videographer


Videography is a beautiful way to capture fleeting moments so you can relive them over and over again. To me, videography has this unique ability to preserve a moment through sights and sounds and feelings. 

My goal is to focus on capturing what photography cannot. Like voices, sounds, music, laughter. I believe sound is so important to taking you back in time, to that moment and being able to feel it all again. So I may not always get the pretty shot of your shoes and invitations, but I will get you laughing with your best friend and dancing the night away.

I want to capture that hug from your dad, the loud laugh only your best friend can make, the toasts that made everyone cry, the way the sky looked on your wedding night. Most importantly, I  want to capture what it felt like to fall even more in love with your best friend so you can remember it for a lifetime.

What I love about wedding videography, is it allows you to
BE IN THE MOMENT on your wedding day because you know that your wedding film will always be there to help you remember. I want your wedding film to have those family-home-video vibes of nostalgia and love, with a cinematic look to show off your love story in the most gorgeous way. 

Your story is worth it. 

My Philosophy

| Cold weather- I like to visit snow, just not shovel it
| Leftovers
| The Bachelorette-- this may be controversial. Sorry.
| Early riser- nah, I'm definitely a night owl. 
| Make-up- I prefer bare face and a good tan 
| Cooking- If it wasn't for my husband, I'd only eat pb+js 


|Hikes in the mountains, feeling the sun on my skin
|Hoody + messy buns 
|Red wine or an Old Fashion after a long day
|Bike rides on a warm summer night
|Slow Sunday mornings with a big cup of coffee and my husband + son 
|Food. Anything with cheese on it.